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Welcome to the Storybook!Edit

This is a central hub for any kind of story written by anyone. You can categorize them, comment on them, and build on them by posting your stories here. Links will be provided to other story sites for inspiration.

How to Post/ RulesEdit

Please sign up for Wikia before posting any stories or writing any comments! It would be a crying shame if no one knew who wrote a beautiful story. Make sure you're logged in before posting stories!

You can make a new page specifically for your story by clicking the "Add a Page" button. From there, simply copy and paste your story into the text box, edit as necessary, add pictures, and click "Publish" or "Preview". Preview will allow you to see how it looks before you publish it, and publish makes it viewable by the public.

You may comment on other stories by using the comment box below. The comments are for constructive criticism, asking for more story, or asking questions about the plot or characters. If anyone posts comments such as "This story sux", it will be removed. However, if you say "I don't like this story because it is very boring. When was the climax?", it will remain posted.

Please don't edit other user's stories or rules, unless it is a grammatical error (Post the error in the "Edit Summary" box to prevent confusion.), or if you obtained permission. If you don't, you will be contacted, to sort out any misunderstandings.


1. Please don't swear profusely. If it doesn't make grammatical sense, it doesn't belong here.

2. No explicit content. If it would be restricted by law to 18+ or 21+ years of age anywhere, please don't post it here. Even if you're 18 or older, that doesn't mean everyone else is.

3. Respect your fellow users. I know you've heard it all already, but we don't want to ruin someone's self esteem just because you broke up with your boy/girlfriend.

4. If you want to make a universe where other users can write stories, please make a "[Universe Name] Rules" page so people know the limitations of your world.




Coming Soon!Edit

    • new page Mavis Goes Fishing
      created by A FANDOM user 15 minutes ago
      New page: Narrator: Mavis is the diesel engine pulls trucks Mavis: What? Narrator: Said Mavis Mavis' Driver: Why Mavis Narrator: Said her Driver Narrator:...
    • new page Molly's Bad Day
      created by A FANDOM user 2 hours ago
      New page: Narrator: Molly the Yellow Engine is proud Narrator: Molly told Hong-Mei Molly: Hello Hong-Mei! Narrator: Said Molly Hong-Mei: Why? Narrator: Put...
    • edit Rosie and the Trucks
      edited by A FANDOM user 2 hours ago diff
    • new page Rosie and the Trucks
      created by A FANDOM user 19 hours ago
      New page: Narrator: Molly the Yellow Engine is provd Narrator: Rosie she is Angry Rosie: iuuuuuuuu Rosie: What The Spotless Record Narrator: Said Rosie...
    • new page Derek Finds Mavis
      created by A FANDOM user 20 hours ago
      New page: Narrator: Emily and Mavis were worried Lady recent accident rails Lady Hatt: Here is Derek the Green Diesel Helps Mavis Mavis: Please ma'm he go when...
    • new page Come Out Mavis
      created by A FANDOM user 20 hours ago
      New page: Narrator: Once an diesel attached to a train was afraid of a few drops of rain lt went into a tunnel and squeaked through tts funnel and wouldn't...
    • new page Hong-Mei Helps Out
      created by A FANDOM user 21 hours ago
      New page: Narrator: One day, Hong-Mei was in the shed where she live with the other engines. They were all bigger than Hong-Mei and boasted about it. Lady:...
    • new page Emily Gets Tricked
      created by A FANDOM user 1 day ago
      New page: Narrator: Emily is a tank engine who lives at the big station on the lsland of Sodor She's a cheeky little engine with 6 small wheels a short stumpy...
    • new page Murdoch Takes a Shortcut
      created by A FANDOM user 1 day ago
      New page: Murdoch Mavis Lady Bertie Stanley Dodge Lady Hatt
    • edit Rosie Takes a Shortcut
      edited by A FANDOM user 1 day ago diff